Apps like iTube – Top 5 Picks

Apps like iTube – Top 5 Picks: iTube is ripper app that plays the YouTube videos and also helps you to download it. But from previous few months, iTube is making issues for its users, it does not easily install on your device or corrupt your video while downloading. You can use much another application alternative to iTube. They provide similar features like iTube, so the top 5 apps like iTube are as follow:

  1. Free Music Bomb

It is a video downloading application similar to the iTube, it also accesses the YouTube database and provides the searched video to the user. It offers multiple options to the user like creating a playlist, radio stations, a rating system for videos and so on. You can also upload your own music via this application. It provides a friendly user interface that allows the user to report for any particular issue.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is the mixture of the Pandora and Song Flip, it was firstly recognized as awkward UI, but now it is recognized as Spotify. This application to listen to the music and save it offline. It has a separate library where the user can access and save songs. It also allows you to create your playlist. Its logo is clean and chic with green and black color. It has no legal issues like iTube pro app, so it is easy to use and manage, and potentially stable for long term. That’s why it is placed in the one of Top video playing and downloading applications.

  1. Pandora

It is one of the alternative options after the iTube, it allows you to download the video from search the keyword in the search bar. It does not allow the direct download using links. It provides the varieties of features and gives you the customize option to select and adjust the degree of the station. Pandora asks you for likes and unlike and give you the list of that song that you like the most. This feature is amazing and enjoyable by the user. Some ads are also shown on the Pandora, but the new version Pandora one does not support the ads. It allows you to skip these ads and continue your search.

  1. iMusic

It is similar to the iTube app in different ways. It can say that it is the new enhanced version of the iTube. iMusic provides you to the amazing features to watch and download the videos. In previous months iTube iOS download was common on the iPhones or smartphone, but now you can download the iMusic on them. Most bugs in this app are that it does not provide the good quality audio, and there is the limitation for compressing the audio files. The demerit of this application is that it does not provides you the content when you have no internet or Wi-Fi connection. It means you can’t use it while traveling or walking on the road.

  1. Song Flip

Song Flip is music app that has an internal library of songs that allows the user to listen and download the music files directly from the library. At the start, it had got 95 to 99 % positive rating but now it is facing bad rating nowadays because technical issues are arising in it.

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