Fun for Kids

Kids will enjoy endless fun on all our flights thanks to children’s movies, TV series, music, games and more.Kids can now cook to because there are so many easy chicken recipes for kids.

Children will discover the worlds of heroes, villains, monsters and much more in ice , our entertainment system. You can enjoy many children’s channels on the TV located in the back. In addition, we will give you some colorful headphones, designed especially for children.

Movies that can not be missed

Who does not love Disney classics? Children (and not so children) will be able to choose from more than 50 * Disney classics, including 101 Dalmatians , Cinderella , Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland . Young travelers can also enjoy the latest children’s box-office hits such as Cars , Finding Nemo and the complete Toy Story series . They will be entertained the whole trip.

Catch up on the latest children’s television

Children have their favorite TV characters at their disposal. We have over 90 * TV channels for kids, like CBeebies , Cartoon Network , Disney Junior and Nickelodeon .

Have fun with the most popular YouTube videos

We’ve chosen the most popular videos from YouTube stars with millions of young followers around the world.

Music to relax

Whether you like rock or pop, we have music for all the tastes of our young travelers. You can choose from numerous songs and albums, such as the latest hit lists, or listen to soundtracks from your favorite movies or musicals. They can also tune in to radio programs and listen to podcasts.

They will play fun games

Children will be able to test their skills by playing with a friend to our fun games or challenging other passengers in Trivia Challenge. There are more than 100 games to choose from, from puzzles like Tetris and Dynomite! ® to classics like chess.

They will have extraordinary views

You will be able to see through the cameras of the outside in our channel Airshow and to enjoy the best views from the airplane. Kids will love seeing the take off and landing from the pilot’s perspective, or see the scenery that passes at their feet. Our A380 double deck features a third camera located on the tail fin, which will allow you to enjoy the views above the plane and through the clouds. Watch how your flight progresses on our mobile map channel and see exactly where in the world you are.