Protect your skin from the sun, do not forget it

With the arrival of the summer season, we must pay attention and protect our skin from constant sun exposure, because given the state of our ozone layer, and the strength of the sun’s rays; we can have problems in our skin, derived from the continuous exposure to the sun.For this, in this post we offer the best tips to take care of your skin and protect it so that the rays of sun do not affect your skin and only bring benefits such as the contribution of vitamin D that recharges energy and that golden brown that so feel good.Magnesium Deficiency

Prepare your skin for summer

Applying a sunscreen is essential for our skin to be healthy, but it is not the only thing we should do because our skin can suffer from other factors that become worse in summer. The arrival of the high temperatures happens in our skin, leaving visible signs of dehydration. Therefore, one of the most important things is to moisturize the skin and to do so, before the summer, you have to prepare it.Below we explain a routine that will work to prepare the skin before the summer and that we should combine with the application of sunscreen and other repair creams after sun exposure.

The trick is to fully exfoliate the skin, before moisturizing it, to remove all impurities and dead skin that we may have in our dermis, and after having done so, then moisturize the skin , so that it correctly absorbs all moisturizing agents through the pores. If you want to know how to moisturize your skin to keep it healthy. Here we leave you a link on natural remedies for healthy skin , a post that you can not miss.

The Importance of Sun Protection

The sunscreens are very important in preparing the skin before sun exposure, but we must consider different issues when correctly choosing one kind or another; because there are different types of protective factors.Chemical / organic protection factors : Chemicals take between 20 minutes and half an hour to work because they work by penetrating the skin, and protecting it against UVA rays. We must apply them at least half an hour before exposure and even if they are resistant to water we must apply again every two hours, because they are losing their effect.

Physical / Mineral Protection Factors : These act from the first moment they are put since what they do is reflect the radiation on the cream. They have the disadvantage that, since they do not contain chemicals, they are a dense paste, difficult to spread on the skin, and they are not resistant to water, so you must take the necessary precautions when repeating the application after each bath .It is important to protect us during the first few days of exposure with high factors (30, 50) and after and according to the time we are exposed, if it is not during the heaviest hours, factors 2 or 30 will suffice.

Riesling. Ideal For Ice Wine. Characteristics, Cultivation, Oenology And Tasting

Varieties of grapevine: Riesling grape.

The Riesling comes from the selection of a wildvine, originally from the Rhine.Riesling grapes are grown mainly in France (Alsace), Germany (20% of the vineyard), Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Northern Italy, Northern Spain, Australia and California in the USA.It works very well on rich, rocky, light and well drained soils.

The Riesling grape is among those that we could call “grapes of worship”, not valued by the general public but very well positioned among the specialized public.It is a variety very adapted to the cold, resistant to the frost. Adapts perfectly to cold weather. For this reason it is used for the elaboration of “eiswein” or ice wines.

Description of the grape variety Riesling:

Cluster of Riesling Grape Variety. It is also known as Riesler, Rieslinger.


Very small, compact, with very short peduncle, with distribution of grains very uniform and difficult to detach.


Small in size, of pale green epidermis that happens to intense in sobremaduración, with stomas very visible and abundant Purina, of flat circular profile. Its pulp is not pigmented, is soft, succulent and high performance in the pressing, and has peculiar aromas.


Medium to high vigor and vertical bearing with tendency to lie down due to its high production. Half-season ripening and ripening.

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Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to Riesling viticulture:

It adapts well to all types of soils and cropping systems, although it prefers poor soils.It is sensitive to gray rot and cluster moth.Very sensitive to odium and moderately sensitive to mildew.It is not very sensitive to the cold in the spring because its sprouting is from mid season to late.It’s grafting on patterns 44-53 of Mélange and on SO4 should be avoided.Pruning Riesling: Requires intense pruning to have clusters very aerated.bourbon event calendar


It is a very sensitive variety to the drying of the rachis reason why it requires important contributions of magnesium.It should not be fertilized with excess nitrogen, because in this case the sprouts and sprouts are very numerous.

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Riesling Vineyard

Oenological potential, tasting and pairing of the variety:

The young wines are very fruity, remembering the green apple, the quince, the citrus and very especially the file, also remembers the guava. All this with mineral touches.Its dry wines age very well and they take aromas, that without losing their fruity they remember to the honey and if they are enough mature to the freshly baked bread and the cookies.

It is one of the few varieties that exhibit a characteristic primary aroma with which white wines of great quality, very aromatic, structured and elegant with little acidity are produced.

Liquor us wines are also obtained by over mating or attacking gray rot. Being sensitive to botrytis, if handled properly can be used to obtain special sweet wines aromatic type Sauternes maintaining a suitable acidity.

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Riesling Alsace vineyard , Alsatian Vineyard Riesling,Tasting of Riesling.

Riesling wines have a marked acidity, even over-ripening the grapes.


Straw yellow color with bright green highlights that highlight its freshness.


Fruit aromas with lemon, grapefruit, and citrus in general, green apple, peach.

Floral aromas with white flowers, anise, tile, cumin, fennel.


it ame very fresh from start to finish.

It emphasizes its fat roundness. It can be fatty and glycerin, with good body…

The Riesling wine can evolve positively in the bottle.

Late vintage wines give wines with a lot of class.

It is a very expressive variety of “terror”. Riesling develops mineral aromas depending on the type of soil in which it is established.

Riesling pairing.

Riesling is a good broth for maracas with fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

It is very nice with poultry, white meats or even with strong cheeses.

In the elaborate version with late vintages, which is a little sweet, it accompanies very well the desserts with citrus or can even be used as dessert.

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Companions Too Far Away To Attend? Live Stream Your Wedding to Them

On the off chance that you are arranging a wedding and all of a sudden understand that most of the companions and visitors you’d jump at the chance to welcome essentially live too far away and won’t have the capacity to come, why not consider live streaming with Video production San Francisco for the occasion to them over the web so they can at present be there with you?

An ever increasing number of ladies are thinking about doing a live stream with regards to their huge day. Such a variety of individuals nowadays are battling with their financial plans that going to a wedding that is not inside driving separation rapidly ends up plainly impossible. Of course, they will miss having the capacity to give you an embrace and have a bit of wedding cake however offering visitors a live stream occasion can be practically as great having them there with you on the day. Different parts of the wedding arranging process turn out to be considerably simpler when you choose to have a live stream occasion. Solicitations can be conveyed by means of Paperless Post and you simply incorporate the connection they need to sign on to so as to be with you on your big day.

The idea of facilitating an occasion for something like a wedding began essentially as an approach to oblige relatives and companions who lived so far away that they discovered it for all intents and purposes difficult to go to. In this way, the principal individuals who began this chosen to have a virtual gathering for them. They at last found that facilitating a wedding enabled them to impart their extraordinary day to a significantly bigger gathering of companions than they would have possessed the capacity to have had they all possessed the capacity to go to.

video production
The organizations who sort out and encourage these occasions make it simple for visitors to sign in and watch the function. Truth be told, they do everything bring the camera group, have the site, set up the expert lighting and film the function. The greater part of them will likewise joyfully give you and your better half to be with a duplicate of the pre-marriage ceremony afterward.

The wedding business is winding up noticeably more acquainted with this new pattern and this sort of stream occasion is ending up plainly more well known nowadays. This is basically in light of the fact that it is such a meddlesome procedure. The genuine physical visitors will never at any point understand that they are going to a live stream wedding. Facilitating a wedding is a magnificent approach to have an expansive number of visitors in participation at a wedding which is little and cozy. Thus, if it is possible that you or your accomplice to be has an expansive gathering of business associates that they’d jump at the chance to welcome who you don’t really know, this is the perfect approach to incorporate everybody in the celebrations.

Facilitating a live stream wedding is likewise extremely moderate. A large portion of these organizations will do this for you for under $500.00. Make certain on the off chance that you are contemplating orchestrating a live stream wedding that the videographer you procure has a great deal of involvement. Accomplishing something like this is somewhat similar to taping a live showy appearance. You require different cameras in various spots to have the capacity to catch things “progressively”. By and large, only one camera alone just won’t catch the quintessence of all that you are encountering. For more information please visit

TI Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Net Worth

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., also named as TI is a famous American Hip-Hop recording artist, Rapper, author, entrepreneur, nightclub owner, actor, Record producer, songwriter, and television personality. He is active in the musical industry, since 2001. He has released hit albums like no mediocre, live your life, about the money, whatever you like – radio edit, dead and gone, and so on.

Body Statistics and Measurements of TI
TI is 5 ft. 7 inches / 170 cm tall, and weight is 143 lbs. / 65 kg. His hair is black and has brown eyes. He has mixed ethnicity. And shoe size is 10 US. His chest size is 39 in or 99 cm, waist size is 33 in or 84 cm and biceps size 13.5 in or 34 cm. He used to wear his cap leaning towards left. He has a sharp voice and used to wear the sunglasses at his concert and casual routine.

He is the talented and popular guy. He has released his solo albums: I’m Serious (in 2001), Trap Muzik (in 2003), Urban Legend (in 2004), King (in 2006), T.I. vs. T.I.P. (in 2007), Paper Trail (in 2008), No Mercy (in 2010), Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head (in 2012), Paperwork (in 2014), Da’ Nic (2015), Us or Else (2016), Us or Else: Letter to the System (2016), and The Dime Trap (in 2017).

Biography and Net Worth of TI
He has earned a handsome amount from his musical career, net worth of TI is $ 50 million USD. TI was born to the family of the Clifford “Buddy” Harris Senior and Violeta Morgan. He had attended Douglass High School but due to some reasons, he dropped out. He was interested in the music since childhood. He had started his career, in 2001, and in no time became popular in the musical industry. He is the owner of New Finish Construction.

He was seen dating with Lashon Dixon (from 1995 to 2001), Ranniqua (from 1999 to 2001), Nicole Alexander (from 2006 to 2010), Jasmin Jaye (2013), Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle (from 2001 to Present). He appeared in the TV commercials for Chevrolet in 2007 and Crime Stoppers back in 2010.

His genres are Hip hop, Southern hip hop, Trap, R&B, and Gangsta rap. He is supporting the Grand Hustle, King Inc., Roc Nation (current), Ghet-O-Vision, Arista, LaFace, Atlantic, and Columbia (former) labels. TI is associated with Grand Hustle, King Inc., Roc Nation (current), Ghet-O-Vision, Arista, LaFace, Atlantic, and Columbia (former).

He is Food lover, and love to eat Chicken. He admires rappers like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Three Stacks. His favorite show is Friends. Most of the time he wears a black dress because his favorite color is black. He like Angela Bassett in the female actress.

The top songs of TI are: No mediocre, About the money, whatever you like – radio edit, Dead and gone, Go get it, That’s all she wrote, Live your life, 24’s, Top back, Got your back, bring em out, what you know, wit me, live in the sky, why you wanna, asap, off-set, trap back jumping, castle walls and so on. Check Richest rappers here.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

The emergence of next generation video games consoles just like the PlayStation three and Xbox 360 have also garnered elevated popularity for a mechanism of acquiring further gameplay features. Virtually each month, significantly heading into distinguished PPVs, WWE breathlessly avers that viewers who subscribe to the WWE Network at that very moment can get their first month—together with the next upcoming PPV—on the house. This is the good drawback the WWE is facing and one that buyers have not found out Pro wrestling is just not built to appease traders on quarterly calls or present steady earnings month after month. Everyone Has A Price – Reality collection scouring the nation for essentially the most memorable WWE memorabilia, the origin of the objects and determining their worth. Xbox One and good TV assist will probably be added later this summer, and WWE says it has plans to extend WWE Network to different areas by the top of the year. Award winners were announced on stage during the dwell program, mere moments after WWE App votes had been tallied all through the night time. It seems the company has room to develop and that its network has not topped out.

They need to rope you in for an entire yr, so that casual fan offers the WWE $a hundred and twenty per 12 months as a substitute of $60. WWE said on Thursday it had entered into a multi-yr licensing partnership with NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment for its flagship shows for an undisclosed sum. Simonette Lowy, a 26-year-old designer in Los Angeles who makes use of DirecTV’s app to set her DVR recordings, mentioned with so much selection on the market, it is onerous to know which apps have finest streaming quality or carry which exhibits. On television, WWE content material is available through Indian network Ten Sports following the renewal of a 5-12 months deal last 12 months.

Like other digital subscription services, comparable to Netflix and Hulu Plus, fans are able to enroll in WWE Network LIVE UK on-line by going to and may watch WWE Network on their TVs via related units comparable to Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku streaming gadgets in addition to Smart TVs, together with Sony and Samsung.

The WWE Network is obtainable to AccessTV subscribers as part of our premium sports package deal on channel 587. Owning and controlling your personal platform is a sea change for us,” stated George Barrios, chief strategy and financial officer at the WWE. Revenue will go down from pay-per-views but the WWE will level to the subscriber numbers as if that will appease buyers. Adding those episodes next-day would get the Network nearer to being the ultimate single-purpose OTT service for the WWE fan. Two, one of the major attracts of the Network in the US at least, is that viewers now not had to pay exorbitant sums of money for particular person PPV occasions and could watch them all for that monthly $9.99 sum.

The WWE Network has added the complete run of 2007 Raw shows, minus the Chris Benoit tribute episode. With Dean Ambrose being on the WWE Battleground 2015 card, he could be getting concerned in both the WWE Championship Match or the Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt match. During the second half of the draft, which aired on the WWE Network immediately following Smackdown, two extra units suffered the same fate: The Wyatt Family and The Social Outcasts. I’ve estimated that the 2014 Domestic PPV market for WWE is worth between $35 million and $forty million.