The Carson Star Scalloped Valances

Curtain valances are a perfect way to add a touch of style and elegance to any home. They come in different designs, patterns and colors; however, the best kind of valance is one that pops out from the curtain while complementing it at the same time. One such curtain valance is the Carson Star Scalloped Valance Set. It is plaid set that comes in the color black and burgundy with a line of 8- point stars at the bottom in the same colors.


The valance measures 16x 32 which is enough to fit most windows, but you can add some more and gather it up to fit bigger windows. They are very well stitched with a cotton lining which ensures that the valance lasts longer. The fabric is strong but can easily be washed. The valance is perfect for country style curtains which are colored in either burgundy, black, crème, white or any plain colored curtains that you would want to spice up.

Lined Vs Unlined Valances

A lined valance is one which has an extra fabric at the back while an unlined valance does not have that. The lined valance is usually preferred because it gives the valance or curtain more structure especially if the front material is not too thick. The unlined valances and country style curtains are better used in offices or rooms where you would like to keep everything light. There are various reasons why you should consider the lined Carson Star Scalloped Valance compared to other unlined options

Country Curtains for Blocking out Too Much Light

If you do not want as much light in a certain room especially during the day time, lined valances and curtains are best since the inner lining blocks out much of that light. It is also great at night if the streetlights are too bright and you do not want any of that light in your house.

Country Curtains Elegant Look

Lined curtains and Valances have a more professional, well thought- out look that everyone loves in their home. You can line your cheap curtains to give it that extra kick of beauty and elegance.

Country Curtains Keep Your Home Warm

The lining material on the valances is usually a bit thick thus insulating your house from the cold windows and maintaining a warm and cozy effect in your home.

Help the Country Curtains Last Longer

The inner lining on country style curtains and the Carson Star Scalloped Valance helps in protecting the colors and patterns of the main material from fading and wearing out. This will make your curtains last longer than unlined ones.

The Carson Star Scalloped Valance is a great way to improve the look of your curtains in an affordable and easy way.