Diagnosis and Repair Air Conditioning

First of all I would like to make it clear that in order to carry out an air conditioning repair it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about air conditioning, since we run the risk of an accident.

We can always observe the symptoms and determine a possible breakdown, but I insist, if you do not have enough knowledge is better to call the service of our air conditioning. However, the instructions given below are sure to help you, especially to prevent future breakdowns (I.e.

Repair air conditioning

In air conditioning, as in many appliances, the possible breakdowns are multiple and the first thing we have to observe first is the type of failure that our air conditioning has, but today we are going to focus on 5 faults of the refrigeration circuit And in air conditioning repair.

Lack of refrigerant

The first symptom of the lack of gas in our air conditioning is that it does not cool or heat up enough, or at least it does not do it as it was in the beginning, and if we go to the outdoor unit and touch the connecting nuts Low) we will see clearly that the 2 nuts are warm or warm (this depends on the lack of refrigerant that has) besides checking that the air that expels the fan is at room temperature.

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If you have a gauge, the first thing to note is that the pressure in both the high and low zones is low (for both the heat and cold cycles), and if we check the electrical consumption with an ammeter clamp, we will see that the electricity consumption is also lower than normal.

Well, in order to carry out the Air Conditioning Riverview repair we need to put a gas charge (obviously (I.e.) and the best thing is, if we do not have the means or sufficient knowledge, call our air conditioning service.

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Obstruction of the capillary or expansion valve

This fault is not usually very common if the installer did his work well, as these pieces are normally obstructed by impurities in the circuit, or by moisture for not having made a good vacuum. This moisture freezes and creates an ice cap.

The symptoms are:

Low pressure in the low zone, high pressure in the high zone but initially (after a while it would be low too) and low power consumption. In the heating mode would be high pressure in the low zone initially and then staying low, low pressure in high and low power consumption.

The air conditioning repair to be performed would be to collect the coolant, replace the expander element (either capillary or valve), make a good vacuum and reload the circuit.

To do all this best would be to call the technical service, unless you have the means to carry out the repair.

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Dirty interior filters or exchanger

This fault is the most common in air conditioning and many people call desperate for technical service, without being aware that this happens because it does not lead to a very simple maintenance to our air conditioning, cleaning filters.

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The symptoms are:

Low low pressure, low high pressure and low power consumption.

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Clean the air conditioning filters.

Dirty outdoor exchanger

This fault is because of what we have said in the previous one, a bad maintenance of our air conditioning, the only thing that instead of being the indoor unit is the exterior that is dirty, and the symptoms are:

Low high pressure, high high pressure and high power consumption

Four way valve bypass

This usually happens because the valve piston has been caught and does not go to either side, sometimes giving a few porracitos with a screwdriver or a key is usually released, since if our air conditioning machine usually walk a lot In a single mode, for example in cold, the piston never moves and comes to stick. On the other hand, it may be that the bovine (or solenoid) is broken or that there is no electric current to this one due to various causes.

If the problem is the piston will have to replace the four-way valve, if on the contrary is the bovine, it will have to be replaced or verify why there is no current, which can be a failure in the electronic board or because the cable is in poor condition

The most common symptoms of this breakdown can be seen by touching the 4 valve tubes. 2 of them always have to go cold and the other two hot, if for whatever, some or some, are tempered we will know that something is not going well. If we put our pressure gauge on high and low we will see that the pressures are anomalous coming to see fluctuations. The power consumption will probably be lower than normal.

This is a somewhat more complex air conditioning repair.


Arriving here, I tell you that many times in the air conditioning, and in the air conditioning in general, we can find totally different faults but with the same symptoms, I mean that it is not necessary to take everything to the letter, since in a circuit Refrigerator can pass a thousand things, such as a high strangulated pipe, having a strangulation occurs an expansion, drastically lowering the pressure. So I hope this air conditioning repair guide has helped you but always check things out according to your criteria and professionalism.

If you liked the article I hope you share it, I will thank you enormously (I.e.and thus there will be more people who can do air conditioning repair.

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