Tracking leads and customers with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program

You get lots of tracks and send plenty of discretion? Want a better tracking system? Or would you like a better system to keep up with relevant information about their customers, including information about past calls, special needs or requests, services that use information about your property or business? If so, your business may benefit from a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. I made the transition to a CRM system this year – needed a better way to keep track of my lead conversion, and could also have a guide to entering information for me.

CRM is basically a large database of customers in its core. File contains information The manager of a customer or customer, such as name, company, address, contact information and custom fields. You can also register activities like emails, calls, meetings, suggestions and dates. With a CRM program, employees can enter the detailed information that you or a sales manager can see what’s happening. You can also track personal information from a customer or customer as interest, something specific for a job or estimate, etc.

A good CRM system can also be integrated with other inmates, such as its QuickBooks and email systems systems. In some systems CRM, you can not only write notes, but quotes or estimates, view invoice and payment history, so when a customer calls you can also check if they owe money or what you have ordered can call

There are literally hundreds of CRM systems to choose from. Before choosing a CRM, decide what you want to do and how you want to use. Of course I’m biased and like mine to integrate with QuickBooks, and there are more good ones. You can go to the CRM Consulting Melbourne and search for CRM programs that integrate with QuickBooks. Normally, these generic are not specific to your industry. Some need a link before it can be integrated with QuickBooks such as and ACT. I also want a rating on gold or silver. Results CRM and Legrand also have good reputation. However, you may prefer a particular industry software; So often, there are fields and specific templates for your business, saving a lot of time and generating better reports.

CRM Consulting

Personally I chose Integration Method, which is a program highly customizable web-based CRM (and very popular). While there are some initial costs, working with a consultant to start (I strongly recommend this step), the monthly subscription is very reasonable. I’m able to use my custom fields QuickBooks and have real-time synchronization with QuickBooks (which is almost unheard of with other software). Method can also be integrated with Outlook and even has a mobile app. I can make estimates for potential customers, you can not do QuickBooks (unless you are a client) and create sales orders and invoices for customers. You can even enter purchase orders and invoices to suppliers. At one point, there was a method “QuickBooks Remote Access” and Level CRM was a step up. Therefore, you can have someone post a QuickBooks data without giving them access to QuickBooks. As you can see, the method is actually more than a CRM program, which was another reason why I chose the method.

One of the most important aspects of taking advantage of a CRM is to make sure it is used and it takes some habit changes you and your employees. Once you have your requirements, you can consider software options available and choose the one that works best for you. When you are able to live on top of potential opportunities with potential customers or potential customers and clients begin to talk about how much your service is and how much attention you pay on details that matter to them you Know your CRM is paying for you.

Let us know if you would like help to see a CRM program or want more information on how to integrate methods. For more information visit IT Solutions Solved.

PON development trend from China Telecom tender: 10G PON gradually becomes mainstream

Recently, China Telecom issued a notice to open the centralized tender of 2017 PON equipment products. The tender includes GPON equipment, 10G EPON equipment and XG-PON equipment 3 standard packages. The number of GPON devices is estimated to be about 600,000 for the OLT port and about 200,000 for the ONU (including MDU / MTU / SBU). The number of 10G EPON equipment is estimated to be about 450,000 for the OLT port and about 200,000 for the ONU (including MDU / MTU / SBU) wide and narrow port; The number of XG-PON equipment standard package is estimated about 40,000 for OLT port, ONU (including MDU) wide and narrow port about 50,000.

Demand spawned 10G PON


By comparing the tender situation of PON equipment in recent 3 years as the diagram shows, it is found that the purchase volume for GPON equipment has been relatively large, while the purchase volume for EPON equipment has been less and less; there is even no purchase for EPON equipment this year. On the contrary, the purchase volume of 10G EPON equipment has been gradually increased, and there is XG-PON equipment newly-added to purchase this year. From which we can learn the development trend of PON equipment, 10G PON has been gradually the mainstream in telecom market.

The development of 10G PON is referred to the demands of users. With the development of 4K video, virtual reality and other digital services, users have increasing demands for the bandwidth and PON technology could not afford to meet them anymore. To prompt the smooth upgrade of network and speedup of bandwidth, and to accomplish the “100 trillion” to “Gigabit” across based on existing equipment of carriers, upgrading PON technology is the most important key. Under this background, 10G PON comes out and becomes the mainstream technology of access network.



10G PON industry chain has matured

10G PON has advantages in multiple aspects. It is able to upgrade the network on the basis of existing hardware structure, which would largely lower the cost and shorten the refurbishment cycle. More importantly, upgrading PON to 10G PON can enhance bandwidth by 10 times. That is to say, by only upgrading the key components, you can accomplish the stride from the “100 trillion era” into the “gigabit era”.

Not only China Telecom, China Unicom has been also making a positive contribution to the improvement of 10G PON. In 2014, China Unicom conducted 3 times 10G PON research tests in the laboratory, and organized multiple times verifications of new technology in multiple cities over the country. Seen from the purchase of equipment, China Unicom has started to purchase the 10G PON equipment since 2016. Besides, China Unicom network is actively under the large-scale deployment of 10G PON.

At present, some chip suppliers like PMC-Sierra have already been able to provide 10G PON OLT/ONU chips; And 10G PON optical module and equipment are also already available to order in many fiber optic products providers like Cozlink, more than that, some of them have cooperated with multiple carriers over the world for the commercial deployment, which shows 10G PON industry chain has already matured.

100G PON is getting ready for 5G

Gigabit bandwidth is not the extreme, with the rapid development of 8K ultra-high-definition video and Internet of things technology, especially the arrival of 5G era, will bring network greater bandwidth growth demands, in this context, 10G PON will continue developing and evolve to 100G PON.

From the standard progress, 100G PON has been in the IEEE / FSAN / ITU-T and other standardization organizations as the item. IEEE established the NG EPON research group, the standard was named P802.3ca, mainly for 25G PON, 50G PON, 100G PON standardizations, and plans to officially release in May, 2019 the standard; ITU-T also set up a 25G PON research group to research on single wavelength rate enhancement.

For the optical module, Hisense broadband in early 2017 achieved thebreakthrough of 100G EPON optical module technology, increased the optical module rate of the access network to 100G, which means that 10 Gigabit ultra-wideband becomes possible.

In the aspect of optical equipment, currently, Huawei, FiberHome, ZTE has launched 100G PON prototype, can provide users with Gigabit, 10 Gigabit fixed bandwidth access, and also can meet the future demands for mobile broadband access of 5G base station peak rate at least 10Gbit / s, which is leading the future of ultra-bandwidth. Industry experts expected in 2020, 100G PON will “debut” to achieve the scale business.



10G PON equipment and technology is generated to fulfill users’ demands for network bandwidth and performance, in the days of full development of data communication, it is the best solution to higher bandwidth network and communication, and also importantly, it is well prepared for future demands of an upgrade.



Apps like iTube – Top 5 Picks

Apps like iTube – Top 5 Picks: iTube is ripper app that plays the YouTube videos and also helps you to download it. But from previous few months, iTube is making issues for its users, it does not easily install on your device or corrupt your video while downloading. You can use much another application alternative to iTube. They provide similar features like iTube, so the top 5 apps like iTube are as follow:

  1. Free Music Bomb

It is a video downloading application similar to the iTube, it also accesses the YouTube database and provides the searched video to the user. It offers multiple options to the user like creating a playlist, radio stations, a rating system for videos and so on. You can also upload your own music via this application. It provides a friendly user interface that allows the user to report for any particular issue.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is the mixture of the Pandora and Song Flip, it was firstly recognized as awkward UI, but now it is recognized as Spotify. This application to listen to the music and save it offline. It has a separate library where the user can access and save songs. It also allows you to create your playlist. Its logo is clean and chic with green and black color. It has no legal issues like iTube pro app, so it is easy to use and manage, and potentially stable for long term. That’s why it is placed in the one of Top video playing and downloading applications.

  1. Pandora

It is one of the alternative options after the iTube, it allows you to download the video from search the keyword in the search bar. It does not allow the direct download using links. It provides the varieties of features and gives you the customize option to select and adjust the degree of the station. Pandora asks you for likes and unlike and give you the list of that song that you like the most. This feature is amazing and enjoyable by the user. Some ads are also shown on the Pandora, but the new version Pandora one does not support the ads. It allows you to skip these ads and continue your search.

  1. iMusic

It is similar to the iTube app in different ways. It can say that it is the new enhanced version of the iTube. iMusic provides you to the amazing features to watch and download the videos. In previous months iTube iOS download was common on the iPhones or smartphone, but now you can download the iMusic on them. Most bugs in this app are that it does not provide the good quality audio, and there is the limitation for compressing the audio files. The demerit of this application is that it does not provides you the content when you have no internet or Wi-Fi connection. It means you can’t use it while traveling or walking on the road.

  1. Song Flip

Song Flip is music app that has an internal library of songs that allows the user to listen and download the music files directly from the library. At the start, it had got 95 to 99 % positive rating but now it is facing bad rating nowadays because technical issues are arising in it.

11 free software programs to keep on your computer

Nowadays more and more free software with performance equal to or sometimes greater than their namesakes in the commercial version.

If we want to tell a simple list of 11 free softwares which we believe everyone should have installed on your machine to manage it better with a cost equal to ZERO !

The softwares in question cover the common needs with regard to applications for safety, ‘office, compression and encryption, navigation, cloud computing and more.

We could not create an endless list … although there are many other softwares therefore worthy of mention we had made a selection of good products and we considered essential …

In addition to providing names and links, refer to the reading of the guide published by us in of any such softwares, when this course …

IMPORTANT !!! Suggested softwares are ALL FREE !!!

Computer security:

Antivirus : We report AVIRA ANTIVIRUS FREE as one of the best free antivirus for private use, to be attached to a good anti-malware (see below). By independent test it is still a valid protection for home computers although the commercial version is obviously better. ( See indipendeti tests of AV-Comparatives ). You can get all kind of Antivirus software from get into pc  which you can download easily.

Antimalware : We report Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free , a malware that identifies the most insidious threats that can escape antivirus. Fast and easy to use! We also report an article that guides the user in case of infection by computer virus infection by computer virus, so here is what to do

Navigation: In this category we invite our users to use Mozilla Firefox for web browsing: This open source software is one of the best choices in the browser scene and one of the most secure against cyber threats. The consortium Mozilla fundation, a nonprofit organization, ensures the development of a product that has as its sole objective the quality of the final product!

Email: Client for e-mail : Also from Mozilla fundation, we recommend the use of e-mail client Thunderbird , fast, beautiful, safe.

Antispam software (filter junk e-mail): We recommend the use of Spamihilator to defend against spam is often the vehicle of viral infections, attacks for control of users’ computers, and much more … a scourge to be monitored … Here’s our guide about : Defending SPAM with Spamihilator .

Cleaning system and file management:

Cleaning system : It ‘important to keep your system clean: we advise our users to use CCleaner to clean from unnecessary files, registry conflicts and manage quickly installed softwares. Of course, it’s free! Here’s our guide about: Use CCleaner to clean up your system .

Recover deleted or lost files : We recommend the use of RECUVA to recover deleted data by mistake or lost due to various reasons: Here’s our guide about: Using Recuva to recover deleted files or lost .

Backup system : It ‘good to use software for backing up the system so that as a result of loss of data, formatting, breaking the hard drive or other we can restore everything in a few minutes as if nothing had happened! We recommend the use of Macrium Reflect Free Edition. Here’s our guide about: System Backup with Macrium Reflect . There is also a VIDEO GUIDE: Video Guide Backup with Macrium Reflect .

Compression and encryption : To reduce the weight of our files we use Winrar, great and historical software that allows you to compress data and protect them with algorithms rather safe. Here’s our guide about: Protect files with Winrar . There is also a VIDEO GUIDE: To protect and encrypt sensitive personal data with Winrar .

Hair styler app

Hairs are an important part of both male and female. Everyone wants to have better and strong hairs, so they need tips and tricks to strengthen their hair.  Haircut changer or Hair Styler app sanctions you two looked at what you would look like with changing  sorts of  Haircut makeover and hair hues all alone photographs. You can likewise utilize this application to search for the new haircut and ensure it suits you. This application gives you a thought regarding distinctive haircuts of both men and ladies. You may call it hair expansion or hair wigs for men and ladies. There are two segments inside application one segment like young ladies hairdos application and other area like young men haircuts application.

This hairdo makeover application gives you bunches of an alternative to looking over and is partitioned into packs:

The Hair Styler App is  following Men hairdo pack/young men hairdos pack:

The Kooples pack-young men can get distinctive, stylish hairdos that run well with certain outfits.


  • The Worldcup pack-man can get the popular football players haircuts
  • The Movie pack gives you an assortment of in vogue spike hairdos
  • Curtained pack-Gives you the 90s men hairdos
  • Streaming hair style pack-This pack gives you a distinctive long hair man hairdo accumulations.
  • Shrewd hair style pack-This pack gives you, the younger men hairdos for an in vogue look.
  • A Texturized pack-This pack gives you the surface of men haircuts with highlights.
  • Buzz pack-This pack gives you an assortment of short men haircuts normally composed with electric scissors.

Hair Styler App is  following the Ladies haircut pack/young ladies hairdo pack:

  • Blend pack-Girls can get diverse haircuts and shade all things considered
  • Party pack gives you diverse young lady haircuts that you need to host to go to gatherings and trips.
  • Periphery pack gives you long and short periphery haircuts and hair hues
  • Light pack you get the assortment of haircuts in blonde, wavy, waves, interlaced, long and short.
  • Bounce pack gives you short and mid-length ladies hair style styles to attempt to.
  • The wavy pack gives all of you sorts of the wavy hair makeover or wavy hairdos gathering to attempt to.
  • The bouffant pack gives you the distinctive big name or on-screen character hairdos from the past to current superstars.

You and your cohorts can take another photo or utilize the photo from your display and can attempt on this hairdo changer application for various looks. You can resize these haircuts and even change the shading to fit you accomplished. What’s more, you can additionally alter these photos on Instagram or simply spare it for yourself in your photograph display or mail it to your chum. This application is fun and simple to utilize, you have snappy assortments of haircuts to attempt on and impart it to your loved ones and make the most of your new look. Install the app for long, silky, smooth and stylish hairstyles. Go to the Android Playstore and the  download Hairstyler app from there and enjoy your hairstyles.