Dental care

Dental care with Orthodontic Appliance

With braces it is even more important to maintain good oral hygiene. Bacterial plaque quickly builds up around brackets, wires and gums.

Daily Basic Care

Maintain meticulous hygiene is essential to prevent gum disease , the decay , and bad breath , called halitosis. Brushing with a toothbrush is not enough to clean teeth, gums and braces well. The best dentist Tampa or dental hygienist can advise you and inform you about what tools you need for your daily oral hygiene. If you have removable orthodontics, do not forget to brush the removable appliance too, with a toothbrush and water.

Informative material

Download The oral care with braces , an information leaflet on the right products for orthodontics and how to care for the mouth during orthodontic treatment.

Products suitable for orthodontics

The TePe Supreme brush facilitates access under the arch and between the teeth.

TePe Supreme ™

Regular brushing with a toothbrush is the basis of good oral health. The brush TePe Supreme has two levels of filaments provides better access. Long filaments are introduced under the metal arch and between the brackets.

Cleaning around brackets and under the arch with the orthodontic brush

Orthodontic Brush

The brush TePe Orthodontic has a very narrow head, designed parafacilitar near the brackets and under the wire. It also facilitates access to the gum.

Compact Tuft, suitable for cleaning around the brackets and along the gingival border.

TePe Compact Tuft ™

TePe Compact Tuft is a compact, angled, perfect for cleaning around the brackets and along the gum line unipenacho.

The Interspace Brush – Optimal Access

TePe Interspace ™

TePe Interspace is an angled Monotip brush, ideal for cleaning critical areas around the brackets and under the arch. It has spare parts, and two different angles for maximum access. Visit for more information.

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