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Riesling. Ideal For Ice Wine. Characteristics, Cultivation, Oenology And Tasting

Varieties of grapevine: Riesling grape.

The Riesling comes from the selection of a wildvine, originally from the Rhine.Riesling grapes are grown mainly in France (Alsace), Germany (20% of the vineyard), Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Northern Italy, Northern Spain, Australia and California in the USA.It works very well on rich, rocky, light and well drained soils.

The Riesling grape is among those that we could call “grapes of worship”, not valued by the general public but very well positioned among the specialized public.It is a variety very adapted to the cold, resistant to the frost. Adapts perfectly to cold weather. For this reason it is used for the elaboration of “eiswein” or ice wines.

Description of the grape variety Riesling:

Cluster of Riesling Grape Variety. It is also known as Riesler, Rieslinger.


Very small, compact, with very short peduncle, with distribution of grains very uniform and difficult to detach.


Small in size, of pale green epidermis that happens to intense in sobremaduración, with stomas very visible and abundant Purina, of flat circular profile. Its pulp is not pigmented, is soft, succulent and high performance in the pressing, and has peculiar aromas.


Medium to high vigor and vertical bearing with tendency to lie down due to its high production. Half-season ripening and ripening.

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Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to Riesling viticulture:

It adapts well to all types of soils and cropping systems, although it prefers poor soils.It is sensitive to gray rot and cluster moth.Very sensitive to odium and moderately sensitive to mildew.It is not very sensitive to the cold in the spring because its sprouting is from mid season to late.It’s grafting on patterns 44-53 of Mélange and on SO4 should be avoided.Pruning Riesling: Requires intense pruning to have clusters very aerated.bourbon event calendar


It is a very sensitive variety to the drying of the rachis reason why it requires important contributions of magnesium.It should not be fertilized with excess nitrogen, because in this case the sprouts and sprouts are very numerous.

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Riesling Vineyard

Oenological potential, tasting and pairing of the variety:

The young wines are very fruity, remembering the green apple, the quince, the citrus and very especially the file, also remembers the guava. All this with mineral touches.Its dry wines age very well and they take aromas, that without losing their fruity they remember to the honey and if they are enough mature to the freshly baked bread and the cookies.

It is one of the few varieties that exhibit a characteristic primary aroma with which white wines of great quality, very aromatic, structured and elegant with little acidity are produced.

Liquor us wines are also obtained by over mating or attacking gray rot. Being sensitive to botrytis, if handled properly can be used to obtain special sweet wines aromatic type Sauternes maintaining a suitable acidity.

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Riesling Alsace vineyard , Alsatian Vineyard Riesling,Tasting of Riesling.

Riesling wines have a marked acidity, even over-ripening the grapes.


Straw yellow color with bright green highlights that highlight its freshness.


Fruit aromas with lemon, grapefruit, and citrus in general, green apple, peach.

Floral aromas with white flowers, anise, tile, cumin, fennel.


it ame very fresh from start to finish.

It emphasizes its fat roundness. It can be fatty and glycerin, with good body…

The Riesling wine can evolve positively in the bottle.

Late vintage wines give wines with a lot of class.

It is a very expressive variety of “terror”. Riesling develops mineral aromas depending on the type of soil in which it is established.

Riesling pairing.

Riesling is a good broth for maracas with fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

It is very nice with poultry, white meats or even with strong cheeses.

In the elaborate version with late vintages, which is a little sweet, it accompanies very well the desserts with citrus or can even be used as dessert.

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