Chukar partridge

Chukar partridge measures the return of 45 cm. It is national bird of Pakistan. And one of the species of partridges created as birds of production, for consumption and also for sport hunting, but due to its beauty, also and maintained as an ornamental bird, the national bird of Pakistan is strong and resistant to diseases and it is recommended for beginners.


Monogamic species, so it is recommended to keep a male with a female, but it can also be created in groups.

Bird reproducing only in spring

The incubation lasts 23 days.


As with all birds that are raised in large quantities, there have been some beautiful mutations like Albina and silver.

HABITAT Normally, partridges are concentrated in low grass fields, usually semi-arid or arid, on plains over 3.00 meters up to 4500 meters. Dry valleys near cultivated area appear in Bulgaria to Kashmir forests in Pakistan in a wide variety of habitats, rocky or shrubs.

FOOD naturally, they feed on roots, grains, grasses, grains and insects. During the winter, they cross the land in search of roots, bulbs and rhizomes. In captivity feed of feed: initial up to 30 days growth up to 70 days maintenance after 70 days.

CREATION In its true habitat reproduces from April to July. In the wild the female lays 12 eggs and occurs 6 to 9 in dry areas and 15 to 19 near Kashmir where there is a good rainy season. In captivity a female lays 47 eggs in the first year and 54 eggs from the second year. They are born 70% after 22 to 25 days depending on the area.
STATUS OF CONSERVATION Very widely distributed today its natural population is declining in some points as is the case of Greece. As it is considered an excellent hunting bird, there is an official record of slaughtering 600,000 birds in this sport only in the USA which are mentioned in